Working With Teeth

There is an entire profession that deals with teeth.  These people are known as dentists or orthodontists.  In their profession they will study the mouth, teeth and oral hygiene as a whole.  For many of these people, they will have to perform surgery on the mouths of others which isn’t a pleasant job.  Over time, they may need to replace our natural teeth with fake teeth jeffersonville or what we know as dentures.

When it comes to working with teeth you have to have a gentle touch as well as a firm understanding of how everything works.  Under our teeth we have a series of nerve endings that are very sensitive.  It we touch these nerve endings we can send immense pain throughout our bodies.

Cleaning our teeth

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Every dentist will tell you that you need to clean your teeth on a regular basis.  This means brushing at least twice a day.  The optimal time to brush is after eating and drinking.  With our hectic schedules and our abilities to brush after every meal is really not possible, however, we should brush at least when we wake up in the morning and then right before we go to bed.

We should also look into flossing and using mouthwash.  When we floss, we are able to get in between the teeth where the bristles on our brushes can’t reach.  The mouthwash will clean our entire mouth and get everywhere a brush and floss can’t reach.


After we do all of this, it is important that we keep up with our regular checkups.  These checkups are designed to keep up with any problems or situations that might arise over time.  There are a lot of things that can happen to our teeth that we don’t really know about; accidents, being hit in the mouth during a sporting event or even medications that will harm our teeth.  Going for a checkup will help keep our mouth healthy and strong.